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Elixir Strings 14202 Nanoweb Light Long Scale 5-String.

Rated 5 / 5 IMHO, Simply the Best I first heard about Elixir Strings around 12 years ago from my guitar tech, but the price kept me away. Finally I decided to try one set of them, a 5-string bass set I put on my Steinberger Synapse. Elixirs are the first major innovation in strings in over forty years, and deliver what they promise: great tone and long life no matter what you put them on or how often you play.Elixir Strings are covered with an ultra-thin, space-age polymer tube that contacts the string on the tops of the windings only. Elixir Nickel-Plated Steel 5-String Bass Strings with NANOWEB Coating, Long Scale, Light/Medium.045135. Elixir Bass Strings are a premiere choice for the 4 and 5 String bass guitarist looking for a high quality coated string that lasts gig after gig, tour after tour without loss of your tone.

Specially developed based on in-depth feedback from more than a thousand bass players just like you, Elixir Strings' tailor-made selection of bass strings proudly includes nickel-plated and stainless steel construction options, four-, five- and six-string sets, long and extra-long scales, and virtually every gauge range you could possibly need. Electric Bass Stainless Steel 5th String Singles with NANOWEB Coating Now you can mix and match your gauges to customize your bass strings. Whether it's a 4- or 5-string bass, Elixir Strings has YOUR custom set of strings. Elixir 14202 NANOWEB Long Scale 5 String Electric Bass Strings Light. Every time you play your bass, tiny bits of you are left to invade the windings to contaminate your strings and kill your tone. Elixir Strings are the only strings that keep dirt out of the windings by coating the.

Elixir Bass Strings 5

If you play 4-string bass, simply choose a Foundation Set in your preferred gauge. If you play 5-string, supplement that standard Foundation Set with a single B string in.125,.130 or.135. Alternatively, pick up our standard 5-string Light set. If you play 6-string, our medium C. The new OPTIWEB ® Coated Electric Strings are perfect for players looking for the crisp tone and natural feel of an uncoated string. Listen & Compare Electric Nickel Plated Steel with OPTIWEB Coating. Oct 23, 2017 · Elixir's are not quite as bright as many uncoated strings when brand new. They sound like strings that have a few hours playing on them or less if you have really sweaty hands like me but they keep that same brightness for a LOT longer than uncoated strings. Delivering unrivaled tone and playability, Elixir bass guitar strings are available in a variety of sizes and styles, depending on the tone you most desire. For electric bass strings that have a bright tone and plenty of punch, the Elixir Nanoweb Light Bass Strings are highly recommended.

Elixir strings?

Electric Bass Stainless Steel with. - Elixir® Strings.

Elixir Strings 14202 Nanoweb Light Long Scale 5-String Electric Bass Strings.045130 Five-string Nanoweb Light Gauge Electric Bass Strings, Long Scale $ 42.99. Feb 19, 2019 · I've been using elixir bass strings pretty much exclusively on my Sadowsky 5 string for about two years now. In this video, I'll talk you through some of the amazing design features that make.

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